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I am a student at the Kansas City art Institute studying to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. I was born and raised in Springfield IL. I chose Graphic Design because it satisfies my general curiosity and my need for a creative outlet. Design is something that I could never find boring. I have a strong love for typography and I try to infuse humor into my work whenever I can. Other things that I like include chocolate, dogs, skiing, and reading.


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What inspires me as a designer?

Like most designers I am constantly inspired by the world around me. I love nature and all its splendid glory. I find myself trying to make things that are as beautiful as what I see when I look around me. I enjoy going hiking and most outdoor activities. Fresh air is invigorating and good for the soul. I always find myself more productive after soaking up some sun. When I was growing up, my sisters and I would spend all our free time playing outdoors. My family has always been an important part of my life. They are loving and supportive and make me feel like I can do anything. They are also fun loving goofballs. Their influence can be seen in fun and bright style my work usually acquires. Since coming to KCAI I been inspired by my fellow classmates. The Graphic Design Department has become like a second family to me. They constantly show me up by being amazing, which pushes me to work harder .They are also kind enough to help me when I am stuck and answer any questions I might have. Having such a close knit studio makes seeking help and inspiration so much easier. All I have to do is look around and I am instantly inspired. 

Modes of Persuasion

Ethos is the mode of persuasion that appeals to the personal character of the creator. Ethos is used to trick the audience into believing that the creator is credible. The audience is more likely to believe the creator if they are competent, with good character, and have empathy.


Pathos is the mode of persuasion that appeals to the emotional influence that the creator has on the audience. The creator does this in an attempt to put the audience into a certain frame of mind. A basic knowledge of the audience is needed to guess their reactions. Pathos can be achieved through vivid language that conveys connotative meanings.


Logos is the mode of persuasion that appeals to the apparent truth. Logos is used to appeal to the audiences logical reason. The creator needs a sound argument or proof to convince the audience. This can be done through facts, statistics, and quotes from experts.

Communication Model

I made these models in collaboration with Lydia. We started by looking at existing communication models. We were inspired by the Shannon and Weaver Model because it was made of three parts; sender, channel and receiver.

We wanted to differentiate that because of noise in the channel (how the message is sent) the message sent is not the same as the message received.

We also noted that each communicator is made up of their own unique perspectives.

The entire communication exchange takes place within a specific context.

This is our final model. In this model we  recognized that each communicator goes through a thinking process to understand. We added a cycle of processing, motivation, and reasoning to each communicator.

Jessica Bee
Blog About Me

Jessica Bee
Blog About Me